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ASPHERICAL Molding glass lens
1. Introductions:
ased on the 52 years knowledge on material science, diamond grinding wheel and diamond coating, in addition to the newly introduced molding glass and optical coating, our products are featured with:
1. Professional OEM/ODM for our customers:
  Kinik Company can provide professional OEM/ODM of a spherical molding glass lens to our customer.
2. High Precision processing technology:
  The high precision processing technology developed by Kinik company combined with the well-established mold technology, grinding wheel and film coating technology can facilitate the processes of the aspherical molding glasses to reach a high reliability and high quality.
3. Integrated Process:
  The process developed by Kinik company includes the mold preparation, hard coating, glass ball processing, glass lens molding, optical thin films coating and lens evaluation. We can provide an integrated process and total solution for the products of our customers.
4. Green Environment Protection:
  The lens is molded rather than polish by conventional process, so there is no abrasive waste liquid involved in the manufacturing process so as to meet environmental protection requirement contamination.
The diverse molding lens can be applied in high-definition imaging system and provide more alternatives for the optical designers to upgrade the quality of lens.
2. Applications:
Camera modules for DSC and handset, projectors, opto-communication components, and capsule endoscope.
Customer Service:sales_lens@kinik.com.tw