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Diamond Bonding Tool
1. Application:

Diamond Bonding Tools (DBT) is the indispensable tool for the IC package industrial. Such as Inner Bond for chips or Outer Bond for PCB.

2. Property of DBT:
a. Side angle accuracy: 500X
b. Surface roughness: ~1nm
c. Dimension accuracy:
- Longitudinal dimension: ± 0.02 ㎜
- Vertical angle: 90° ± 0.1°
- Flatness: 0.00875/10 ㎜/㎜
d. Diamond Bonding Tool :
- Well organized diamond structure
e. Surface morphology:
- Peak value (PV)

* Ambient temperature:PV=0.928:m

* High temperature:PV=0.094:m


3. Summary:

The DBT tools of the Kinik company are the best choice for you TCP/COF and COG bonding process.

Customer Service:david@kinik.com.tw