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CVD Diamond Tools Inserts
1. Application:
CVD diamond cutting tool can be utilized for different non-ferrous metals, the excellent anti-wear property of the diamond can prolong the duty cycle of the tool and increase the capacity.
Fig.1 CVDD The smooth edge of the CVD cutting tool
2. Features:
Material Properties
machining properties
Fine grain size excellent surface flatness good quality and competitiveness
low friction coefficient no adhesive high processing accuracy
anti-wear 10 times life span than WC tool insert low cost
excellent heat conductance no cooling agent low contamination
Highest hardness anti-wear lessen the needed tool numbers
3. Suggested processing parameters:
Cutting and Grinding
Object Process Linear velocity (m/sec) advance (mm/rev) Linear velocity (m/sec) advance(mm/rev)
nonferrous metal Al alloySi (<12%), Al alloy Coarse machining <10~20 <0.25~0.5 <10~20 <0.10~0.30
fine machining <15~20 <0.10~0.25 <10~20 <0.10~0.20
Cu, Pb, Zn Coarse machining <1~10 <0.25~0.50 <3~10 <0.05~0.15
fine machining <10~15 <0.10~0.25
non-metal Plastic, graphite, Carbon Coarse machining <10~20 <0.25~0.50 <3~10 <0.10~0.20
fine machining <15~20 <0.10~0.25
4. Microstructure:
The SEM photography shows that the edge and the surface of the coated lathe tool is smooth.
5. Products:
6. Summary:
The CVD diamond coated Tool Inserts blades are the best tools for the machining of the nonferrous materials. It can provide the best price, the best cutting ability, and durability of the tools.
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