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KINIK diamond disk is used on semi-conductor CMP process, KINIK DD polishes the pad in order to make it reach the desirable removal rate and uniformity.  
1. What is CMP disk:
Chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) is the enabling technology for densification of logic circuitry (e.g., VLSI) or memory storage (e.g., DRAM) in semiconductors. CMP flattens the wafer by polishing it against a rotating pad. The pad is immersed in slurry that contains microscopic (e.g., 0.15 micron) abrasive particles suspended in a chemical solution (e.g., H2O2). During the polishing process, a diamond dresser must be frequently employed to remove the accumulated debris lest the polishing surface glazes. Moreover, the diamond dresser must refurbish continually the pad surface in order to replenish the stored slurry.
2. Our products are featured with:
1. A dresser that contains a diamond grid is much more efficient to dress the pad than conventional disks with randomly distributed grits.? The dressing action of a diamond grid is gentle but complete.? As a result, the decay of wafer polishing rate slows down, rendering the process in high stability.? Moreover, both the dresser life and pad life can be doubled.? In addition, more diluted slurry may be used.? Furthermore, the wafer flatness and thickness uniformity can also be improved.? Thus, the use of diamond grid dresser cannot only reduce CoO (cost of ownership) for the CMP process, but also improve the quality of polished wafers.
2. The loading of a diamond grid is uniform.? Hence, no grit is overly stressed.? Therefore, the likelihood for diamond chipping or pullout is negligible.? On production scale, the diamond grid has significantly reduced the occurrence of macroscratches on wafers (e.g., from a typical rate of about 200 PPM to about 10 PPM for oxide CMP on Mirra machine).
Diamond grid dressers have set a new standard for dressing CMP pads.? The use of such a revolutionary tool has greatly increased the productivity of wafer production worldwide.