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Basic Information:
The Time of Establish:

July 8th, 1964

Mrs. Emily Lin Chen
Mr. Thomas Hsieh
NTD 1,410 Million
1,640 (Apr. 2017)
Business Items:
The production and sales of various abrasives, cutting tools, aspheric molding glass lens and 8", 12" reclaimed wafers.
Head Office:
No.10, Yanping S. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10043, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Factory Location:
Yingge Dist、Shulin Dist、Hsinchu Ind. Park、 Zhubei City
Management Philosophy: Benefiting all parties involved
  1. Good to you: Ever progressing and upgrading quality to satisfy the needs of customers in grinding work.
2. Good to me:Emphasizing stock holders benefits, employees’ welfare, stressing on humane and rational management for harmony among all employees and for sustained operations.
3. Good to all:Promoting management performance to contribute the society and to serve the social responsibility of enterprise.
Company Profiles

Kinik Company is a specialized grinding wheel manufacturer with more than 50 years history, which located in the famous place of ceramics and pottery in Taiwan - Yingee Township. Now we are the leading edge no matter in the technology, production scale, variety of the products, and customer services in this field. The leadership of our company comes from the advantages on our outstanding quality of service and integral infrastructure of the market channels. Our grinding wheels and cutting tools span across the low-end categories to the high-end application to meet any requirement of our customers on grinding and cutting. The products with various specifications we can provide now are more than one hundred thousand, and the number of the various customers we serve now has already over eight thousand. At present stage, we are devoting in transiting into a high value-added company based on our advantages in grinding and cutting. The sustainable investment on the capital expenditure and on the training and education of the employees achieve us to reform our business organism and to extend our business into the diamond-related industries and the reclaimed wafer. Our insistence on technology development, application innovation and the product quality, in addition to the assistance of the government grant had turned us into a technology-leading company. Now by the benefit of our leading artificial diamond technology, our tooling products for high-end industries have successfully improved not only the durability and processing accuracy but also dramatically decrease the waste of global resources. It can be deservedly claimed as the "Green Diamond".

二、Major Business Items:
1. The production, processing, and distribution of the all kinds abrasives (Grinding wheel, grindstone, emery cloth, abrasive paper and abrasives).
2. The production, processing, and distribution of the cutting tools (Polycrystalline diamond, Tungsten Carbide saw blade).
3. Polishing and Processing Service (3D polishing, ultra-high precision surface polishing, Column, Via hole, special-shape polishing, grinding processing, Polycrystalline diamond coating, and tungsten carbide cutting tools).
4. The agency and sales of the raw material, equipments of the above items.
5.CA02090 Metal line Products Manufacturing
6.CA02990 Other Fabricated Metal Products Manufacturing Not Elsewhere Classified
7.CA03010 Metal Heat Treating
8.CA04010 Metal Surface Treating
9.CQ01010 Die Manufacturing
10.CB01010 Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
11.CC01080 Electronic Parts and Components Manufacturing
12.C901010 Pottery and Ceramics Products Manufacturing
13.C901020 Glass and glass made products manufacturing
14.CE01030 Photographic and Optical Equipment Manufacturing
15.A101020 Food Crops
16.A102020 Agricultural Products Preparations
17.C901070 Stone Products Manufacturing
18.All business items that are not prohibited or restricted by law, except those that are subject to special approval.

The Status of the Research and Development
  一、The Strategies of the R&D
1. Focusing and Concentrating the RD major topics and subject to the application of the products.
2. Cultivate expertise of the RD faculty with the professional knowledge by the project management system.
3. Aggressively with the institution of the research and development, universities and take advantage of the official resources.
4. Strengthen the linkage with the foreign technology sources.
5. Establish a technical information center to integrate the internal and external resources.
6. Strengthen the application and the protection mechanism on the Intellectual Property (IP) to assure the profit.

二、The objectives of the RD
1. To maximize the efficiency of our resource applications.
2. To differentiate the advance technology of currently products area.
3. To extend the lifetime of the products by improvement the production processes and escalating technologies.
4. To span and to intensify the spectrum of the technologies.
5. To establish the mass production capability and ability of the next-generation products.

三、The major RD items

1. The development of the special fillers and binders.
2. The development of the mass production skill of the polishing consumables for the optical fiber ferrules.
3. The fine diamond wire for the semiconductors and the communication industries.
4. The production skill of the diamond diaphragm for tweeter diaphragm.
5. The production skill on the diamond heat sink.(DiaCu○R)
6. The development of the thinning process for the TFT-LCD glass substrate.
7. The development of the diamond substrate for the SAW filter device.
8. The development of the synthesis technology for the Boron-doped diamond.
9. The diamond related products with specified function.

四、The achievements of the R&D.

Kinik Company has devoted a lot of resources in the R&D of the diamond-coated tools these years. Since diamond coated tools are hot only the necessities for the industries but also indispensable cutting tool for precision processing. The demand of these products amount reflect the industrialized mature status of a country. Although the fabrication and application of the diamond coated tools have been over a hundred year, but there are still two critical problems can't be solved. One is the low adhesive ability of diamond particles and the other is the uneven distribution of the diamond particles in the matrix. The loss of the diamond particles from the tools will shorten the lifetime of the tools and lower the machining efficiency.

The brazing technology of the Kinik Company can secure the diamond particles firmly without dropping to extend the lifetime of these tools. And the series DiaGrid® products with regular arrangement of the diamond particles can greatly promote the efficiency of the processing. Meanwhile, the innovative DiaGridR CMP Pad Conditioner has become the necessity for the semiconductor manufacturers; furthermore, it has replaced the same type advance products produced by USA and Japan. And the ILB (Inner Lead Bonding) diamond bonding tool extended from the diamond brazing technology is also a crucial tool in the IC package industry.

Besides, based on our 52 years accumulated core technology established on material science, diamond grinding wheel, precision processing and diamond coating. In addition to the glass molding and optical evaluation technology, Kinik company has developed an integrated solution for the molding optical glasses without the waste liquid pollution of the abrasives solution to replace the conventional polishing, grinding, and processing. These molding glasses with high precision and high quality can be applied in the camera modules in handsets and Digital Still Camera (DSC), camcorders, projectors and various lens of high-definition imaging systems.
  The achievements of the Green Diamond products:
1. DiaGrid® CMP Pad Conditioner(Diamond Disk)
2. Diamond Tool for PCB industry
3. Diamond Tool for rocking industry
(Brazing diamond wire-saw and cutting for the ceramics and rocks.)
(Diamond wire-saw and cutting for the hard and brittle materials.)
6. Diamond FCCL electrodes
7. The molds and consumables for the opto-electric industries.
8. The tooling and consumables for the semiconductor package industries.
9. CVD Diamond Polishing Tape.
10. Diamond Bonding Tool.
11. The aspherical lens for the optical industries.
Visions and Missions

The visions and missions of the Kinik company is expected to become a world-class Global Diamond Technology Center based on our decades accumulated knowledge of the material science and the capability of high precision processing.

Over the past fifty years, Kinik company was a remarkable counterparts of all the industries in Taiwan; Today, we are going to become a major player on the stage of the Taiwan industries.